Find your TGA mobility scooter model from the list below and click on the battery code under AGM Battery or GEL Battery depending on which type of battery you prefer. Both AGM batteries and GEL batteries will power your TGA mobility scooter. GEL batteries offer a superior performance due to their advanced technology. If you wish to purchase a charger simply click on the product code in the Charger column.

Scooter TypeAGM BatteryGel BatteryCharger
Breeze (3)(4)MDXAGM12-42MSPGEL12-40No Charger
BuddyMDXAGM12-12MSPGEL12-12No Charger
BuzzMDXAGM12-22MSPGEL12-22No Charger
SuperlightMDXAGM12-22MSPGEL12-22No Charger
SuperSportMDXAGM12-42MSPGEL12-40No Charger
EclipseMDXAGM12-12MSPGEL12-12No Charger
SonetMDXAGM12-33MSPGEL12-33No Charger
Electrobike Tri-PacerMDXAGM12-26MSPGEL12-26No Charger
Electrobike Tri-ShopperMDXAGM12-26MSPGEL12-26No Charger
VITA (4)MDXAGM12-42MSPGEL12-40No Charger